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 It was a slow night on campus.  It seemed pretty much everyone had gone home for the long weekend.  Usually my Saturday nights consisted of hopping from one fraternity party to the next - dancing, drinking, taking Jell-O shots and then falling into bed with whatever handsome hunk I desired.  Thanks to my natural good looks, large breasts and bubbly personality, I usually have my pick of the hottest guys on campus.  But tonight was different.  Tonight was a slow evening of relaxation.  Rather than donning my skimpiest dress, high heels and sexy lace undies, I was instead clad in my fuzzy pajama pants and a thin tank top.  My hair was tied up in a loose knot and my face was clean from make-up.  I had to admit, it felt good to be freed from my binding party clothes. 

              Since I had a free Saturday night, I decided it would be a good time to get a few chores done around my dorm room.  A little vacuuming, a little bathroom scrubbing and a lot of laundry.  Cramped dorm room living definitely has its downsides, but thanks to its small size, it sure is quick and easy to clean.  The laundry, however, would definitely take significantly longer to complete. 

              I headed down to the laundry room in the basement of the dorm toting 3 large laundry bags and my Western Civilizations textbook along with me.  Even though the dorm was empty, I still didn’t trust some random person wouldn’t come down and steal my unmentionables, so I thought I’d get some studying done while I waited. 

I hadn’t been down there for more than 30 minutes when I heard someone coming down the stairs into the basement.  .  I looked up from my book, ready to see what other pitiful person was stuck on campus this weekend with nothing better to do than their laundry.  Just as I started some mousy bookworm type of girl or nerdy computer geek guy, the laundry room door opened.  To my dismay, in walked Sam, our baseball team’s star pitcher.  Surprisingly enough, Sam was one athlete I had never really gotten to know.  He wasn’t the party type and seemed to spend most of his time training, studying and doing good deeds as the President of the student body.  Needless to say, he wasn’t exactly my type.  This isn’t to say I only date douchebags, but come on, there will be a time and place for nice guys...when I’m 30. 

              As Sam walked in he glanced around the room and spotted me sitting at the table in the corner.  His full lips curled into a smile and his crystal blue eyes seemed to sparkle a bit.

“Hey,” he said in a deep voice.  “I wasn’t expecting anyone else to be down here.”  I smiled up at him, suddenly wishing I weren’t dressed like such a slob.  He may not be exactly my type, but there’s no denying the fact that he’s totally gorgeous.

“I thought I’d be the only loser down here doing laundry over a long weekend,” he continued as he separated his clothes and threw them into their respective washers.

“Nope,” I said, at a total loss for something cute and witty to say.  Once he was finished getting his laundry started, Sam sat down at the table with me and pulled out a Calculus book.  Within five minutes, we’d each abandoned our lofty studying goals and were deep in conversation.  We spent the next hour talking about everything under the sun.  The more we talked, the more I found myself drowning in his gorgeous eyes and getting lost in his voice, his laugh and his intelligence.

This guy is amazing I thought.   And super sexy.

              Right as my mind started to drift off on a cloud of Sam, my first dryer buzzed. 

“Keep talking,” I said as I got up and walked over to the machine. 

Sam got up and walked over to the table where I was folding my clothes.  He’d stopped talking and was leaning against it, looking at me.

“What?” I said, laughing.  He smiled and shook his head, but didn’t say anything.

“What?!” I repeated.  “Why are you looking at me?  You’re making me self-conscious.”  Still silent, Sam reached over and placed his big strong hands on my hips.  In one swift motion he pulled me into him.  With our faces so close we could feel each other’s breath, we gazed into one another’s eyes.  Then, without saying a word, Sam leaned even closer and pressed his full, hot lips against mine.  He kissed me deep and hard, sending shocks of desire through my body.  I maned a little and Sam pushed harder into me.  I leaned into him, letting my body collapse against his.  He held me tight, still kissing me. 

              Without a sound, Sam then broke away from me, his eyes a deep, passionate blue.  He pulled himself up onto the laundry table and grabbed my hips tighter, forcing me into him.  He moved his hands onto either side of my face and continued kissing me.  His hands then moved and found themselves to the bottom of my thin tank top.  He began pulling it up, our lips parting for a brief moment as he lifted it over my head, dropping it onto the floor.  Since I hadn’t expected to see anyone, I wasn’t wearing a bra.  So there I stood, in the middle of the laundry room, with my breasts fully exposed.  We continued to kiss, long and deep kisses, as his hands made their way onto my breasts. My nipples were

              He started out gently squeezing them, fully feeling them in his hands.  Then he began playfully pinching my nipples.  I let out a soft moan to let him know I was enjoying myself.  As he groped and fondled my tits, I went to work taking his shirt off.  It’s only fair he be shirtless too.  Again, as with my shirt, our lips parted for only a second, as I pulled his tight t-shirt over his head and tossed it next to mine on the floor.  I ran my hands over his toned, tan chest, taking in each ripple and contour. 

              Sam then grabbed my hips and pushed me out from between his legs.  He smoothly let himself down off the table, his hands never leaving me.  Once he was down, he quickly pulled off my pajama pants, exposing my black cotton bikini-cut panties.  He let my pants fall to floor and I stepped out of them.

“What if someone comes in?” I asked coyly.  “Isn’t that part of the fun?” he replied as he ran his hands up and down my torso.  As he played, groped and fondled his way around my body, I began to unbutton his khaki shorts.  I did so with surprising ease and Sam stepped out, leaving him in nothing but a pair of sexy, black boxer-briefs.  With his hands back on my hips, he turned me around to face the table and pushed me up against it.  Instinctively, I leaned over a bit and put my hands flat on the table.

“I like a girl who knows what to do,” Sam whispered into my ear.  He took off his boxer-briefs and kicked them into the ever-growing pile of clothes on the floor.  With his erect cock fully out, he pressed himself into me, digging his pelvis into my ass.  His hands cupped each buttcheek and he squeezed.

“Damn you’ve got a tight ass,” he remarked.  I pushed my ass into him, feeling his large cock against my backside.  His right hand then left my buttcheek and began making its way toward my pussy.  His fingers pulled the fabric of my panties aside and began stroking my hot, wet flesh. 

“You’re so wet,” he said as he teasingly danced his fingers around the entrance to my pussy.

I leaned my head back and pushed my butt against him once more.  I reached my left hand behind me and felt around for his dick.  Upon finding it, I grabbed it tight.  “You seem pretty ready yourself,” I replied. 

              Sam continued to tease my pussy with his soft touch while I stroked his cock.  While his one hand was busy teasing my clit and gliding around my hot flesh, his other hand reached around the front of me and began squeezing my tit.  I stroked a bit faster and pushed my ass into him even harder.

“I want to fuck you so bad,” Sam said, as he grinded his cock into her ass, letting it barely slide under the fabric of my panties.  Without uttering a word, I took his cock and pulled it into me, pushing my panties aside and gently sliding him into my pussy.  He moaned and pushed his long, thick cock deep into me.  I joined him in a moan and pressed myself against him.  He grabbed my buttcheek tightly and then gave it a little slap.  I yelped in joy.  He slapped it again, harder this time, as he pushed his hard cock far into my pussy.  Grabbing and smacking my ass with one hand, Sam then reached his other hand up and pulled the messy bun on my head.  His force pulled my head back and I moaned again, louder.  There we were, in the laundry room where anyone could walk in at any time--naked, against the table fucking, slapping and hair-pulling.  It was absolutely incredible.  The best sex of my life, and with Sam.  Sam?  Goody-goody, non-partying, straight A student Sam? 

He continued to fuck me, pushing my hips and pelvis into the table.  As the trust, pushing his cock deep into me, he alternated between slapping my now stinging ass and pulling my hair.  I felt like such a slut.  His slut.  And I loved every minute of it.

Suddenly he stopped.  Quickly, he turned me around and pushed me toward the floor.

“Kneel,” he ordered.  I did.  Once I was positioned in front of him, he pushed his huge cock into my mouth.  With the same motion as before, he thrust himself in and out.  Between his length and thickness, I couldn’t help but choke and gag, which only seemed to excite him more. I couldnt

“Oh yeah,” he said.  And, “You like it when I fuck your mouth?” 

With his hands on my head, he pushed my face into him as he thrust his cock as deep as it would go.  Right when I thought I could take no more, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and began cumming all over my face.  His juices sprayed onto my cheeks, my forehead and my lips.  I licked off what I could.

“How do I taste?” he asked.  But I couldn’t speak.  I just knelt there, in complete shock.  Who knew that nice-guy Sam would give me the most memorable and passionate night of fucking I’d ever experienced? Call me and I will tell you more

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